Particle using Texture (not showing glow)

Hello I am trying to follow a tutorial ( to make a simple particle that shows a translucent color with electric lightning effect, however I am not getting the same result.

I did a texture on gimp and saved to tga (didn’t compress), I am wondering if its a problem with my texture itself, can someone point me out on the right direction?

This is how it looks the particle on my editor:

And this is how it looks on the tutorial:

As you can see there is a blue glowing effect around the those lightnings, I double checked every particle emitter setting that is made on the tutorial and I am following it right.

So I guess its my texture for those lightnings, I just made a transparent background and used the brush on normal with color white and using different sizes.

Here is the texture I made on gimp: LightningForRat5.tga

Can please someone just point me out what I should look into, in order to be able to have the same effect, is it the texture material I made or something else I am not considering?


EDIT: I notice that on the tutorial he has the Detail Mode Bitmask set to (LOW) while on mine is set to Mixed Flags, can that be the issue here? I tried changing to LOW however when I do it, it says complete on that black rendering screen and nothing shows up.

I believe the issue is on my texture tga file, when I import it to Unreal it says the following:

Has Alpha Channel: False

Can this be the cause?
How do I properly save the image with alpha channel?
I checked on gimp and it has alpha channel (next to layers)

Which kind of layers do I need to get this effect?