Particle Transparency Material Not As Expected

Please see the image below. My question is why is there gray in the particles? The top left shows the particle system preview, bottom left shows the material preview and the right shows the material. I’m expecting the particle to show whatever the color is while fading out along the edges. I expect that because the gradient is also used as part of the opacity. I would expect the preview to show a white gradient fading to transparent, however, you see white to a gray then transparent…?? I can’t figure out why. I know it must be something simple right??

And of course as soon as I posted this I saw the error. The ParticleColor was being multiplied by the gradient color which means it would have picked up the grays in the color. I changed the ParticleColor node to pass directly to the EmissiveColor and it worked as expected. Perhaps this will help others, who knows =)

By the way, this was taken from the Ribbon material as part of the materials training videos. Perhaps that should be changed unless the author wanted a darker outline to them.