Particle systems: Parameters for ColorOverLife ?

I found out how to apply parameters for initial color for my particles.
But i want to change starting and final color for color over life.

For eg. some particles i want to fade from red to yellow, others i want from blue to magenta.
All depends on state of blueprint and changed from blueprint.
Replacing particle system on blueprint looks ugly as it “resets” all particles around.

I kind of cannot find if this is even possible.
Scale color over life does not work well, as sometimes i have pure blue color which will not scale up red and green (those are 0).

If you’re trying to do a Hue Shift, it might be better to drive it through a material and use the ‘particle Life’ node in there, that way you can shift the hue, give a Uniform distribtuion for ‘Initial Colour’, and they’ll shift hue by an amount you specify over their lifetime.

man… finally a reason to use those new Material nodes! Might try this when I get home.

Thanks i did not think about hue shift. I am only uncertain if this will be applied to all particle systems at once, or different values per particle system.

Ie. i have 20 or so particles of same type connected to same number of blueprint actors, i want each of them separately change initial color (done easily with particle color parameter) and final value in color over life (which i have trouble with). I do not want them all always fade to red for eg. Ones (particle systems) that start blue should have fade to something purple, ones that start red will probably go for yellow etc.

Technically I guess it would be applied to any particle that uses that material instance if it was 100% Lifetime driven, though you could maybe drive it through a Dynamic Parameter or use a switch to turn the effect off, and make a material instance.

I don’t think you’d have to feed this through blueprint at all, unless you’re after something very very specific. Do you every particle in the emitter to fade to the same colour over their lifespan?

I need to feed from blueprint, those emiters are visual feedback for blueprints. Each blueprint is in different state and i want to show it trough particle colors around it.

And yes all particles in same emmiter (showing state of same blueprint actor) fade in same way.

I have done material with that hue shift, everything works perfectly. Well mostly sometimes my desired “end” color is in positive direction, sometimes negative, but that is matter of passing one more parameter. And on top of that i can shift by 1/4 1/2 and 3/4 so it creates easy way of doing more colorful ribbons without all that fiddling with color curves. Great idea thanks.

Sorry for slight necro, but I have the same problem.

In my case, I just want to set particle color over life from a blueprint. Two values would be sufficient, one Color for 0.0 (life start) and second Color for 1.0 (life end) lerp value.
I would try to do this through material, but I don’t see the ‘particle Life’ node that @TheJamsh has mentioned.

Could you please point me in some direction with this?


Thanks @divi, that should do it!