Particle Systems in Sequencer

I’m trying to place cascade particles systems in different shots but it is a mystery if the particles will render.

The systems are set to spawned and I’m using “Activate” “Deactivate”. I can never get consistent results. Most of the times it will be in the viewport correctly and then won’t render and other times it won’t even show up in the viewport correct. Sometimes its solved my restarting Unreal, but I can’t do that every single time I want to render a shot.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I had the same issue so i switched to niagara and 4.23 now it can record particles and you can even scrub through them ,i still have 2 particle systems with cascade left in the scene but they work normaly with activate/deactivate keyframe ,what i would look out for is when you pause the animation of the sequence when you wanna hit record i would scrub to the begining so it resets all the keyframes etc before recording for consistency of activation