Particle systems help begginers guide tips and tricks.

I’m looking for a kind soul to help me understand particle systems in ue4 I want to recreate windwaker style particles but I am realising this isn’t something I can easily learn to do without help. There are plenty of tutorials out there but none that really cover the type of particles I want to create. Incase you have never played windwaker for some odd reason :stuck_out_tongue: this is what I’m wanting to learn to make

the guy that made this video even breaks down what the particle is made up off which is good. I realise this is quite a tall order but any help you can send my way will be greatly appreciated.

This is what I have done so far just messing around ignore the fact that they are not transparent yet these images are just place hoders I through together in paint. I have added rotation since this but it’s effectively the same.

Added the ring turns out you can learn a lot from trial and error :stuck_out_tongue: so my new question is how do you get the particle to stop?

found out how to stop the particle sorry this has turned in to some type of dev log unintentionally but I didn’t think I was going to be able to figure this stuff out on my own.
new question and I definitely wont be able to figure this one out how do I do the debris scatter thing?

Added some varying life times so that it gradually disappears.

Added mask to new material just a placeholder for now just quickly jumped on photoshop to get an alpha channel.

Does anyone no how to use colour over life and size over life I can’t seem to get them working? Also bit stuck on how to create the debris with the tails.