Particle System with Skeletal Mesh


Is is possible to make a particle system that emmits skeletal meshes instead of static meshes?


Unfortunately it’s not possible :slight_smile:

But what exactly do you want to create -> probably there is a way to do it with static meshes

I thought so :slight_smile: I wanted to have a swarm of rats running towards us. It`s not a big deal to make it for us (we will aniamte them in Maya and then multiply in UE). It would helpt us though making some things like butterflies, rats and other stuffs with looped animation where we need to make lots of characters. :slight_smile:

You could use blueprints -> take a look at the butterflies in the bueprint office (marketplace) or create a mesh with a flipbook material + a particle system. With that technique you can create birds, butterflies and other animals :smiley: