Particle system with autoactivate doing something weird


I’m working on my game, Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey, and this last days I’ve been adding some particle effects to different elements. For example, I added a particle in the projectiles so they leave a small trail of smoke/steam when shooted.

The problem I’ve found is that the particle autoactivates when the bullet is spawned as was expected, but then, most of the time, doesn’t appear again until a few cm later, so you have a point of smoke where the bullet is spawned when shooted, but the trail begins slightly later. Here’s an image to make it easier to understand, I’ve shooted from up to right, and you can see some of the trails are not working as intended (while two of them worked in this case, this rarely happens):

In this second image, only 3 shoots, you can see the problem in the three of them:

I’m quite new to particles, so maybe there’s something wrong with this one, or maybe a projectile velocity of 3000 is just too much. The particle itself has a initial movement of 3,3,3/-3,-3,-3, and is the own movement of the projectile that leaves the trail behind.

¿Any clue of what is happening and how can I fix it? ¡Thanks in advance!

¿No ideas? I haven’t found a solution for this yet :(.