Particle System: Ribbon suddenly disappears when particle is out of view

A fireball flies past me and has ribbon trail behind it. But the moment it flies past me (and the particle systems pivot is out of sight) the ribbon disappears immediately.

What am I doing wrong?

In my understanding the particle disappears as soon as the the particle’s bound box goes off the screen. You may want to increase the size of your particle’s bound box to wrap all the ribbon trails inside it.
Here is a link that you may find useful:

As the guy in that thread replied, that doesn’t help. I set the bounding box to something huge but it disappears as soon as i don’t see it.

Solved: I changed the bounds in the wrong spot. There are bounds under “occlusion” (which is unrelated) and scrolling up a little there is the right bounds category!


Nice, glad it worked out!