Particle system Question

the particle turns off when im looking away in a certain degree i want it so it stay on even tho im not looking.i have to set it to a very high number in order to fix it. im wondering if anyone knows why?

Bounding box is an optimization. It makes is so that if no part of the box is in your viewport, the particle is hidden. (I’m sure you can find better descriptions than mine just by googling it).

Anyway, to fix your issue just uncheck the “Use Fixed Relative Bounding Box”. At least that’s how it works in Niagara, but I’m guessing it’s the same thing in cascade.

However, if you still want to use the box, try lowering the Min values.

hey, yeah im trying to make my clouds light up and i was told i could use particles to do so. But by unchecking the box the particle lightning disappears

However if i lower the min values it fixes it, but i have to lower it alot. do you know why?