Particle system - only 1st emitter when low framerate


My particle system only uses the 1st emitter when the framerate is low. Is there any way to bypass that? Any help much appreciated.

Hey Madvoyer -

Can you give me some additional information about the particle system setup that you have and at what framerate you are first experiencing this issue at?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Result on medium setting (framerate around 20-25 FPS)

Result on epic setting (framerate around 10 FPS)

My main concern is that particles will not render fine on matinee if I crank up the settings. I haven"t tried yet, but I’d like to know how well particles render in matinee.

I am using the latest version (4.5.1) and here is a screenshot of my particle system.

Basically when on epic (and only on epic when I have a low framerate), I do not get emission from the 2nd and 3rd emitters.

Thanks for any insight you could have with this :slight_smile:

This is likely due to the CPU being used to emit the particles, when you reach a certain cap level the engine will no longer output any particles from the emitter.

To get around this limitation you will want to move the computation of the particles over to the GPU, as it can handle many times the number of particles being emitted compared to the CPU.

A good example (and explanation) can be found in the following video by Zak here:

Also if you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching the entire series he put together, it goes over everything you need to know about particles:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: