Particle system LOD does not resume emitting when re-enabled with command r.DetailMode

It is possible to set a particle system detail mode. It is expected that particle system will not be rendered if console command r.DetailMode is set to below its required level.

“r.DetailMode 0” will disable rendering particles if a particle system has its required detail mode set to high.

If the particle system is re-enabled using “r.DetailMode 3”, the existing particles will continue where it left off, but does not emit any new effects. The last particles/effects fades away and the particle system ends.

r.DetailMode is affected when modifying performance settings in game. Same issue occurs here.



“Activate” the particle system whenever r.DetailMode is modified to continue particle emission.

Hi ,

This has currently been reported in our JIRA system with ticket number UE-21421.

Thank you for taking the time to report this.