Particle System Light ray Loot

HI all, can someone explain me how create this particle system ?

Steel need help

steel need help

steel need help

what do you have so far?

i have this ( Screenshot-4 — ImgBB ) but its looks not cool ((

need to be like this Redirect Notice

Why use a particle system?
Use a rectangular mesh with an additive or translucent material and a texture with your desired glow shape (rotated to the player)

can u creat tut ?

i used particle system cuz its a more flexible way and if you master at a sufficiently high level, then you can do really quite beautiful visual effects





ou thnks

Animation like a pulsation creat in material or particular ?

hm have in this texture white box araund line

This is just a screenshot from the editor. the original image is too big to updoad as picture.
Maybe it works as attachment…

yep work, thnks