Particle system format

Hello everyone, i hope i’m not going in the wrong thread, i’m a bit newby !
So, i’m trying to create some environement based on sketch i made, and i need to creat a particle system based on some china ink stain. I struggle on the material used for it as i use some PNG of my stains but the material don’t use it’s transparency.
I already searched but i only found procedual material etc so I wanted your opinion, I bet I’m stuck on something dumb ><…
here is some screenshot and an idea of the project.

material nodes](


Sketch used](

and project](

I think it’s because material is additive and it’s color is ~black. so you add ~nothing to the scene color.
you should try to use translucent material instead.

thanks for your answer!
I tried also in translucent, the problem is that the transparency of my png or targa is not seen… idk if i should manipulate an alpha or someting…
here is an exemple of thoses png i try to transform into a particle.