Particle System does not match editor?

I know there is a question with a similar title, but I’m having a different problem.

I am having an issue that I can’t seem to track down the solution for. I’m very new to unreal so I imagine it’s just a switch somewhere I have to hit that I haven’t found. My explosion looks correct in the particle editor, but when I drop it in the level it looks very washed out. I thought at first it was the lights but even with all the lights in unreal turned off it is still very washed out. Any advice?

Update: It’s something to do with the level I think, or the display of the level? I loaded in an unreal preset particle system to compare and it is doing the same thing where its only washed out in the level and looks correct in the editor. Tested in Unreal version 4.22.2 and 4.19.2 with the same results.