Particle system changes position based on camera angle

I’ve grabbed a torch flame particle system from one of the free demo scenes made by epic. I think it was Particle Effects demo, but can’t remember exactly.

So, anyway… I adjusted it a bit and placed into my blueprint. Then I noticed something weird.
The flames seem to be changing their position depending from what angle I’m looking at it.
Here’s what I mean:

Looking good from this angle

This is also fine

However, when I go around some more… Suddenly, it’s not centered any more.

What’s causing this? I am confused and can’t figure out.

If you move the camera above it and look straight down, is the flame base centered?
This could just be an instance of “it’s hard to perfectly align things in 3D sometimes.”

The particle emitter in the blueprint is aligned with the middle of the torch by X and Y. So it can’t be NOT centered.
Thing is, if I look from the top and start rotating camera, I can see how the flame starts shifting to the side.

I’ll link a video below. I removed everything from the blueprint and the emitter, and only left one flame so it will be easier to see what’s going on.

That looks to me as if it actually spawns slightly above and slightly to the side of the center.
why is that? No idea!