Particle Swarm Fun

Hi all
I am trying to make what is basically a swarm of bees using a particle emitter. I am thinking to use either a mesh emitter or to create bee actors at every particle location. How ever I need the bees to orient themselves based on the particles acceleration or velocity vector. If anyone knows how I can set the mesh particles to orient themselves base on the particles velocity/acceleration, or if anyone knows how I might get the particles location and acceleration/velocity I would very much greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for any time.

Keep in mind that each mesh is one drawcall, so if you emit a swarm of bee’s you are basically creating a swarm of drawcalls.

If you set the particles to “Velocity” in the required mode they should angle themselves towards wherever they are going to.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:
I set
Screen Alignment = PSA Velocity
This gets them started pointing in the right direction but alas they do not rotate around as they move when there trajectory curves. They just stay pointed in the one direction. IF you happen to know how to get them to update as they fly around in circles that would be awesomeness. If not no worries.

Well for some reason it started working so Question Answered :smiley:
Just set
Required Module > Screen Alignment = PSA Velocity