Particle spawns even if rate is 0

I set the emitter spawn rate distribution to 0 constant but if i play oder simulate the level the particle system still spawns particle. Why?

Hi Nija -

Here are somethings which you can check:

1 - Did you actually save the change to the emitter module? Sometimes this can help update to emitter in the level to match the emitter in Cascade.

2 - Assuming it is the way you want it in Cascade, try pressing restart in level to see if doing so refreshes it to match.

3 - Have you added another full emitter to your particle system that is still running? (If so, click the X icon under the Emitters name and icon to disable it and see if it matches.)

4 - Do you have any Burst events spawning in the Spawn module?

If none of these work, can you post a screenshot of you Cascade setup so I can try to help you further?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Nija,

0 in the distribution means that the particle should live forever - if you’d like it to be really short-lived try a value a little higher than this.



Hi Andrew,
I was writing about the spawn rate of a particle and not about the lifetime but thanks for your response

Hi Eric again :smiley:
You seem pretty active on this answerhub (2.6k karma :)).
1 - Yes I saved the particle and rebuild the level
2 - I reopend the level with the same result
3 - Yes I have 2 emitters with both spawn rate 0 and both still spawn in play mode
4 - No bursts active

Thanks alot for your response but I figured out whats the problem. It was on automatic LOD, I set it to Direct and everything works perfect. I never worked with LOD levels bevor but I will get used to it :smiley:

Ah, sorry my mistake Nija… best to follow Eric’s suggestion then, thanks.

The level of detail seems to manage the particle spawn rate. Because my particle system was far away the particle spawned. Change the LOD mode to “direct set” will stop the particle spawning.