Particle Sorting Depth Issues?

Hello everyone,

I have been racking my brain over the particle editor over the past few days. What I am attempting to accomplish is a spherical explosion with a ring coming out from the center of it. I currently have 3 emitters setup with the various components, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the individual particles to sort vs the different emitters to sort.

Looking at the image below, its easier to understand what I am trying to say… The yellow ring is is showing through the Orange and Red, and the Orange is showing through the Red.

So again, I know that the emitters sort in a hierarchy, but I am wondering if there is a setting to reorder the actual emitted particles to redraw based on distance. Setting the Sort Mode doesn’t seem to change for what I am doing…

Is this possible?

Also, I am running 4.9 because I haven’t switched to 4.10 yet. If this is some old problem that got a fix that I am unaware of then any direction would help.

Thanks for taking the time to read the post! And any help is greatly appreciated!


Hello Everyone!

So, there is some good news and bad news. Luckily one of my partners in crime for our game and I have ran into some source control issues (him seeing things I wasn’t, and colors not working but draw calls working…) which has actually lead us down the path of finding a solution!

Anyways, what we have discovered is that if you make your materials based on Particle Color, you can manipulate the alpha and the physical colors in Cascade to match what your particle emitter needs. But the drawback is the draw call, and you are at mercy with the particle editor sorting (hence the issue previously described.)

If you simply use a material for your particle, then it sorts correctly, but you won’t have control over the alpha or color over time functions that Cascade has to offer. So I guess it’s pick your poison…

Anyways, a simple heads up for those having any issues like this. Hope this helped!


Thanks for posting that info. Pretty interesting find there. The main problem for me is that I need the particles to sort correctly in an explosion, and explosions normally fade using the color over life thing.

Hey Wilkes,

Yeah man, I am not sure about that… I haven’t spent much time on it since this, so perhaps you could wiggle around with the material settings more. But for the quick solution was just to remove the alpha particle dependency. What I did was shrink them out of existence to create some effect of decay and by the time it ends it seems to work out decently for now. Perhaps the dev team will look into this and provide some solution if its not backlogged already.