Particle shadow disappears with distance

Hi guys, I have a particle system for rocket smoke and I wanna see them from little far but after a point shadow disappears my material is translucent default lit here ss

Hi ismail.bulbul,

Open console commands by pressing the ~ key and type r.Shadow.FadeResolution 32 to see if that resolves your issue. How this command works is it uses this value to determine at what size on screen will the shadow start fading out. The lower the number the smaller the shadow has to be on screen before it fades out. Be careful as this will affect performance.

Let me know if that helps

No,it didnt solve my problem. I also tried solutions in this link but they also didnt work for me

When I change material type from translucent to opaque it fixes my problem but I need translucent. I am using M_smoke_subUV material from contents

This could be a number of things. Just to be sure here is a list of troubleshooting steps:

  • look at your light and make sure cast translucent shadows is checked and also look at the particle system and make sure cast shadow along with Volumentric Translucent Shadows is checked.

  • Open your particle system and click on Bounds at the top in the toolbar. Then click set fixed bounds. In the particle’s general settings you can make the fixed bounds size larger to make sure this isn’t a bounds issue.

Also, could you upload a screenshot of your material graph for the particle in question and a screenshot of the particle system settings (just click in the black area out side of the modules for the details panel to display the general settings.)

lights cast translucent shadows is checked but I cant find cast shadow along with Volumentric Translucent Shadows option

Particle bounds are ok.

Still problem occurs

Hi ismail,

After seeing your material graph I can determine that your issue is the depth fade node. There is a known issue where using depth fade removes lit particles translucent shadows! Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-24249)

I’ve updated the bug to say that this is still a problem in 4.13


Hi Ed, thank you for your time,

How can I create smoke particles which can cast shadow with increased distances. If you have any example could you please share with me ?