Particle Ribbon Trail Random Offset

I’d like to figure out a way to randomly offset the horizontal uv space of a texture being used in a ribbon particle. What I have right now is going to be used in a way where the trails will often spawn at the same time, making the texture between them match up perfect and look awkward.

What I want to do is have it so the beam texture can be randomly offset per each instance of the effect so that when they’re all spawned at once they don’t end up looking identical. I’ve tried using a dynamic parameter in the material to offset it using a uniform float in the particle, but I just end up with this.

I’d appreciate any help figuring this out. I feel like I’m just missing something simple in all this. Here’s my material graph I have currently.

images not working :confused:

I think it should be fixed now

Ok I figured this out!

First what you gotta do is hook up a dynamic parameter to the material that’ll let you offset the uv however you want. I’ve called it Texture Offset for the sake of stuff.

Then you set the dynamic parameter for the texture offset as a Particle Parameter in cascade, don’t worry about setting any specific values here.

Last, you hook it into your blueprint as you would, then use a Set Float Parameter and a Random Float in Range so that it’ll randomly get a uv offset between 0 and 1 each time the effect spawns!

I figured I’d put what I figured out here in case anyone else needs it, hope it helps someone!

Hey man, very cool!
Glad you got a solution :slight_smile:

(also, sorry that replying kills the “has been answered” thing.