Particle Replication Using Multicast

Have you tried two separate events? One to call from remote/client to the server, then call multicast event?

If you change Client_Explosion from “Executes on All” to “Executes on Server”, and call Server_Explosion from there instead of spawn emitter?

No problem dude :slight_smile: I think it’s just because of the multicast, it only works on the server so it requires the extra call to the server first.

I made it an answer so should be no problem :slight_smile:

Hey all, As the title suggests i’m having an issue with replicating a particle that will be displayed both on the server and to the client. I know there is many similar questions and I have gone over the unreal networking videos and understand the concept at least on a basic level. However for some reason it’s still not functioning as required. Basically i’m trying to spawn the particle at hit location. Its just a default explosion for now since i’m still in the prototyping stage. In the picture attached you can see that i’m using space for quick testing and that simply calls a multicast event to spawn the particles. This blueprint is the character blueprint.

However when play testing and pressing space the server window does spawn the particle and the client sees that also. So my mind automatically thinks the multicast is working correctly. However when pressing space on the client, only the client can see the particle and not the server. I have tried using an authority switch:

Authority - Server spawns particle and both server and client can see it.However the client doesn’t spawn anything
Remote - Server spawns nothing and client spawns the particle only the client can see.

I have also tried the RunonServer replication to no avail.
I’m really not seeing why it doesn’t work and would be really grateful if I could be pointed in the right direction
Thanks, Calcorso

Hey Lillith, I have attached an image to what I think your meaning was about that. Let me know if i’m wrong but that also doesn’t fix the issue!.

It works! Thank you Lillith! Its really strange though, I have other networked features but none of them needed a separate event to call for client only.

Thank you so much

That does make sense now you mention it… aha. I don’t suppose you know how I can mark you as the answer ^^