Particle random value in Niagara

I’m in the process of transferring from Cascade to Niagara, but having problems getting materials including ‘Particle random value’ to work as expected. The below example has the same material (Particle random value controlling a hue shift) applied to a Cascade GPU sim on the left, and a Niagara GPU sim on the right.

Any thoughts where I’m going wrong?

(Can’t currently upload image - will update when possible)

Just noticed this myself. At the time of writing, I don’t think Niagara sets this material parameter automatically, but you can configure your emitter to set it to whatever you’d like (just other particle material parameters). To set it to a random float between 0 and 1, do as follows:

1, Add a module on Particle Spawn to set “Material Random”.

  1. Set the value to “Uniform Ranged Float”.


  1. Customize the min/max values (or just leave it at the default of 0 to 1. You can also change the randomness mode to deterministic and set a seed if you want.


I dont have that option for ‘Set specific Parameters’ (UE4.26)

In newer UE versions the module is called “Set new or exisiting parameter directly”, in there you can add as many parameters as you’d like, one of them being “MaterialRandom”