Particle question about Color

i want to catch effect of this picture , which steps must i follow ? thanks.howcn.jpg

You will have to use a colour over life node -> start with red and slowly go over to blue :slight_smile:

heh ! i got it thanks for answer

You can also do bit more advanced thingy:

create scalar parameter, called “initial Hue shift”
get “particle lifetime” node
use those 2 to shift HUE over time.

For some colors and effects hue shift look much more realistic than interpolation (which color over time uses).
With interpolation you for eg cannot interpolate from any color to any color during runtime, you need to set that color curve in editor.
With HUE shift you can interpolate from any color, and end result is mostly nice and smooth, however this is lacking in control of how you interpolate.

If anybody know how to do color over life for particles from any color to any color during runtime, please let me know. ie. how to change color over time curve or nodes in runtime. It is one of unreal mysteries i did not discovered yet.

im triyng initial hue shift now , if i can success i will post ^^ thanks for advice