Particle Problem Please Help!

I don’t know if what I’m trying to do is even possible, but I figure someone in here has probably tried this and maybe gotten it to work.

I have a third-person camera game.

The problem is this particular particle I’ve created uses a SubUV Index (flipbook) for the effect.

So I basically have a single particle playing at 1.0 lifetime and just repeating to create this column of fire.

It looks fine, but the problem arises when the player tilts the camera.

The particle moves upward on the tilt which completely breaks the illusion.

I’ve included pictures… if anyone has any idea of how to get this to work I’d love it.


Looks Good

Still Looks Good

Broken :frowning:

This is easily changed by creating an Orientation module and setting it to (Rotate Z). Make sure your particle is set to PSA Rectangle as well with effects such as this.



Thank you so much!

Works perfectly!