Particle Orbit being offset

So i was trying to create something like a whirlwind turbulence where for example in my instance particles orbit in -Y axis in a location offset without any kind of motion (Velocity / Acceleration), Their whole motion was controlled by an Orbit module. The issue is described in the end.

Specifics to reproduce:
Duration of (X) time, And plays only 1 time.
No velocity or Acceleration.
Orbit is set to rotation rate in Y axis uniform -0.1 and -0.1
Offset and Rot size can be any value that decently offsets and rotates the particles in a Tornado style (Rotsize on x and Z, While Rotation on Y).
An initial location is set to be in Y = -500

Issue: Notice that Orbit is pushing all particles from down the offset axis Y -500 to Y (In most cases they pass Y 0 and move on to Y+ axis for no reason, Orbit should be in place since there is no velocity or acceleration the particles should be orbiting in the same place instead they move forward.

Knowing that Orbit is just fake and the actual particle is somewhere else while the orbit hacks the renderer and offsets the render.

Thats just how Orbit works though, wondering what others will reply…

I am not sure it should work like this. Orbit means there is a pivot and it should rotate around that pivot. If the pivot is moving by it self then that is not right.

Hello DieByZero -

I have setup a test project using the default Particle Crosshairs and your information from above, Can you let me know if the picture below is what you are experiencing as an offset, and if it is not can you alter the attached project to show what you are experiencing and repost it here.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

[Test Project 4.10.4][2]

Hey Eric, Sorry for wasting your time. I figured out what was wrong in the morning after posting but forgot to update. It seems that one of my many emitters duplicate of another particle had a forgotten point attractor which looked like it was taking the whole emitter and moving it from the offset seen to the right to the center of the particle system in its lifetime duration.

We can safely mark this as resolved.