Particle not generating on projectile collision

I’m working off of the 3rd person template with some things manually copied over from the 1st person template, including projectiles that fire originating from the player (no gun but otherwise the same idea), and I can’t figure out why it’s not spawning emitters on hit. General idea is that the player can select a spell (cycles through integers on an int variable which gets plugged into the firing mechanism) and then when they hit the fire button, the resulting spell is fired off and can collide with objects in the environment.

Currently I’m working on just getting emitters set up with the one basic spell (the one in the 2nd and 3rd screenshots), so I only have emitters generating for that one, but all currently collide with objects in the environment fine (objects that can move on hit are sent flying, and destructible objects break).

I’ve included screenshots of the firing mechanism in the character BP, projectile blueprint, and the projectile’s collision settings, and of course I can provide others if needed.

(Large so had to splice it together, the lavender connection near the top is one line.)