Particle nodes not updating correctly -- help!

This seems to happen more when a particle system has a lot of emitters but sometimes changes don’t update. In this example I have a mesh that won’t rotate even though earlier the same mesh wouldn’t accept the correct override material but would accept the rotation. It should be toward the camera but as you can see from the curvature it bends away from the camera. I find deleting the nodes and emitters and remaking them helps but that’s tedious. Has anyone experienced similar issues?


I’m dumb. In this case I was rotating the pitch instead of the yaw. But the initial problem still remains. Sometimes mesh data doesn’t render, or renders the wrong material even with override checked.

It’s also essential to check that the camera facing setting is correct for it. It’s likely the mesh data not rendering is due to a setting that isn’t enabled, or should be disabled, either in the material, mesh, or the particle system.