Particle: Mesh TypeData doesn't work with dynamic Parameter

Hi Guys,

i try to give my animated material, what i am using in particles, the input to say, start the mesh animation by particle spawning.

For that i use “dynamic parameter” inside the material, and the module “parameter” in particles.
This system is very fine working with every TypeData without GPU Sprites (here is “parameter” red, thats O. K!).

So my question, have you a idea why this module are not working with Mesh TypeData.

Thank you for your help

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey yunus -

You should be able to use the Dynamic Parameter’s with a Mesh Type Particle System. I would check a few common issues, did you assign the material to the Mesh in the Particle System or in the Static Mesh Editor? Did you ensure that the Material has been compiled and saved? Finally did you restart the emitter to insure that the changes are computed?

If you are still having a problem could you a post a screenshot and I will keep try to help you