Particle Mesh Collision with itself

I have a particle system that has collision enabled, it collides and bounces with the environment, but I am curious as to why it does not collide with itself? Is it possible to create a collision with the particles itself?

This is for a project where the bullets will interact with one another instead of just passing through each other.

any help would greatly be appreciated .

edit: to be more specific… it’s a Particle Emitter Mesh Data, has Collision set the way the tutorial for mesh collisions was set, tweaked to bounce up to 3 times.

Right now it bounces with everything in the environment but itself, which is what I am curious about how to fix.

So, the collision detection works when i pull the same Mesh used in the particle mesh emitter (a static mesh) they collide with that no problem and still bounce off the ground.

Still can’t seem to figure out why the Emitted meshes wont bounce off themselves though.