Particle max draw distance

Hey guys!

In udk was a render distance option in the particle object settings so i made them dissapear on X range. How can i do this in UE4 in a simple way? I tried current max draw distance at the particle options, tried to turn it off with LOD (if i get back close, particle wont show up anymore).

I have smoke in a corridor and too much particle gives red shader complexity so i want to “hide” them on 1500~ range.

Hey Ashkandi -

Culling as you are describing is correctly done via the LOD setup in the Particle System. You may need to adjust the LOD Distance Check Time to a smaller fraction if you are moving very quickly into and out of the LOD Distance.

Could you post screenshots of your LOD Method Information from Cascade as well as the screenshots of the particle system transition in the editor into and out of the LOD distance.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Also you can set up bounds in the particle properties or cull it by distance in the material (Even though i’m pretty sure the last one is kind of making texture disappear rather than actually culling).