Particle material choosing from an array of textures?

So, i have a particle system that is spawning a sprite whose material has a color, specular, and normal texture. I want to allow my particle system to choose from a large number of different sets of textures (each color/spec/norm texture grouping has cant be mixed, but there are about 25 total groupings), without putting them all into the particle system. So, i thought that maybe having the material choose from an array or something would allow that, but i cant seem to create an array in a material. How would i do this?

bump. Anyone?

just set your textures as parameters make and material instance of your material and use that in to a blueprint to be able to select the textures you want. but you will get only one set of your textures at a time for more sets just duplicate your module (each module with an intance of the main material) in cascade and ad as many variations you want but 25 its to much i think…

hope this helps


I’m trying to create a particle system that spawns out random smoke animated sprite sheets. I’ve followed your advice of creating a normal material, promoting the main texture in the material as a parameter and then in the blueprint of the particle choose a random texture from an array of textures and set the material as that texture. However at the moment when a new particle is spawned it changes the texture for all the particles rather than the one just birthed. Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 19.59.38.png How do I make it so each particle has a different texture applied to it ( sorry if this is a repeated question )

Thanks in advance!


you cant spawn particles with different materials from the same emitter you can add more emitters for the same particle system but i don’t think you can reach 25 (do not know the limit)
just create 25(or how many you need) particle systems and activate each one when you need them, so instead of creating an array of materials just create an array of particle system and trigger them how you want
but this sounds wierd are you sure you cant fix this from the material by adding some dynamic parameters to change some things around