Particle - Local space multiplies world location offset

Very hard to explain, lets add an image first:

This flame that isnt close to the cursor is set to local space, its innitial location is set to 10/0/0 and thats it.
there is no relative location, no world location, no pivot location stuff nothing.
All I did was duplicate a gpu particle emitter.

Aaand… just when I want to show the problem inside cascade, I changed the emitter name and the problem is gone.
Guess… itll be a mystery untill it happens.

[UE4] - Particle local space bug. - YouTube < video of the problem.

apparently setting one gpu particle to local space results in another gpu particle its location to offset really oddly.

Since this is for a marketplace thing I cant just link the file, and will wait for an epic employee to ask me to pm them on i.e. the forums.

Hi Luos -

That is a weird one. Just so we can talk on a the same page without restricted assets. I setup a rough example project, where I have attempted to reproduce your results but am not seeing the same as you are. I am probably missing a toggle or checkbox. Have a look at the project and upload with additional information when you can.

Eric Ketchum

Test Project 4.9.2

ok, rather easy.

  1. Set both Fire_Out’s to "“Kill on deactivate” & “Kill on Completed”
  2. Now duplicate the 2nd “Fire_Out” (Duplicate and share)
  3. change the “Required” from the newly created “Fire_Out” so its no longer shared.
    (I just ctrl + dragged the required from the previous “Fire_Out” onto it)
  4. Set the required setting of the new “Fire_Out” to Local space.
    5 ???
  5. Profit (or in this case, a bug)

Just in case: GPU particle bug (v.2) - YouTube
showing how to activate bug with your project.

This is the 3rd particle pack im working on that hits a bug-related wall.

Edit: If I just duplicate the gpu particle without sharing it… the bug doesnt occur. (afaik)

Hi Luos -

Apparently I forgot that I had already entered a bug report for this issue. GPU Particles are not likeing the Duplicate and Share stuff, I think their selfish. I updated the bug with your new information and the reproduction you gave me above as well as attached the project for easy reproduction. It is entered as UE-11795 for reference.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Just got this problem in ue4 23.

Local space is off in my case however, and still all the particles have multiplied positions, also when I try to change them to local space the switch wont work, as in the check box wont check. ??? Is this a glitch?