Particle lights not affected by orbit?

I created small tornado using orbit modifier. And I wanted to add lights for cool effect on surroundings, but unfortunately particle lights are not affected by orbit. Why?

I will ask a member of our QA team to verify this and get back to you.

Thank you for posting.


We are attempting to reproduce this issue, but not seeing the same results. We are using just a base light and orbit with default settings. Can I see a screenshot of your light setup? What does the particle effect look like in a dark level?



Settings of light (scale of light is low so I can see if it works) :

Settings on orbit :

It looks like on actual scene lights work properly [ ] but in particle editor it shows them in wrong positions [ ].

But regardless. Thank you for help and your time :wink:

We were able to reproduce the issue of the “preview light radius” spheres not updating with the orbit module. It is now in our error report system where it has been assigned to a developer. The lights do still follow the particles in the game, so you can still use them since this is only effecting the preview. Please let us know if you experience any other unexpected behavior.

Thank you!