Particle Light should affect Glass


i have set up the default particle fire effect and i want it to affect the surface of a glass actor.
Unfortunately the glass material doesnt react. Stays just glass no fire reflections.
What can i do so that glass reacts to the light?

There’s actually a reflection actor in unreal so I figure you can call this actor when the flamethrower is on the glass. Here’s the doc on reflections and it links to reflections that are Material based which the glass likely is. Good luck! I hope this helps!

thanks. i will try that.
It is odd.
A Point light works fine with the glass shader, but with particle light effect not.

seems that the Problem isn’t yet solved.
Need to figure another way out.

Now it reflects. :slight_smile:
Though you Need to crank the intensity way up to see it begin.

I’m glad you were able to see the result :slight_smile:

a remaining problem now is that the actor only blinks when it is lit by the fire. With opaque shaders the light swapped all around the surface of the actor in an oscillating manner.
Now it only blinks evenly distributed over the whole surface.
Somehow the material glass inherently isn’t really able to reflect the light in the same way as the opaque materials.

You may want to bake it and make a new material called like “glass reflecting light”. :confused:

I know that’s not the best solution, but it seems translucency is causing major issues here. I know that in a lot of water situations there’s actually two meshes. One is water-looking and one behind it bears beneath the surface qualities like the distorted reflection of what is above it and the translucency of what is just below it. I actually think Epic has used this exact methodology in several water-related demos before. If I find it, I’ll link it. You could use the same approach here and bake the reflections. Make one mesh “glass-like” and then one behind it bear the qualities of slight reflections and then slight transparencies.

hm… but are those reflections dynamic? I don’t really care about reflections from the environment, i want the oscillating fire lighting shades to be seen on the glass.

So the top mesh that’s “glass-like” would not be dynamic and you’d bake some sort of AO or something to make it transparent/translucent. Then the bottom mesh would be the one that you’d call on the event that the fire particle was being used. That way you aren’t over taxing the player by having a two draws constantly in place, it would only be upon firing the particle.

I’m not sure if this is the /BEST/ way, but this is /A/ way. Especially if you are having that much trouble with translucency in the reflections system which is sad to hear. Hopefully within the next release or maybe Unreal 5 we see an update to that. Usually when that happens the Unreal devs already have it in their sight to improve and I imagine that to be the case here too.

4.8 will have ssr with translucency.

Nice to hear. :slight_smile:

Woo that’s awesome~!