Particle Light dissapears when out of line of sight

I am doing a candle flame that is a particle system that has the “Light” function.
All looks great and the flickering and color and stretching and all look fantastic…UNTIL…
The moment that the emitter is out of the frame, the light turns off!
I have searched all the parameters and do not see a toggle or anything to make this not happen.
Please Help! I really would rather rely on a point light source with a flicker, as it would not time itself well with the particle light.

Thanks in advance


You need to increase the bounds of your particle system.

This kinda works. I had to set the bounds to 10000/-10000 to have any affect. And still I see some “clipping” Turning off of the particle light.
Side note: Can one actually get the particle light to “cast a dynamic shadow”?

Just increase it until you are satisfied. And no, particle lights dont cast shadows for performance reasons.

You could probably simulate shadow casting fire or something by having one or 2 moving point lights in the viscinity of the fire.

Yes I will have to place several point lights in, but they won’t truly correspond to the movement of the flame.
It’s ok, probably better anyway to simplify the lighting anyway. Now I gotta learn Blueprints and see what magic I can do to the point light.
I tried a Light function, but that seemed very limited.

To make the particle cast shadows, you have to turn it on in the default properties. It’s off by default because it’s expensive.