Particle inside trail?

I want to make a particle with a trail. So far I got it working but what I want to do is have the trail spawn ahead of the particle so it looks like the particle is enveloped by the trail rather tan ahead of it. Is there any way to offset the original particle backwards in local space (assuming forward is the Y axis, a negative offset in the Y direction) or make the trail spawn ahead of the particle Source?

Here’s an image to better illustrate my goal in Wireframe:

I tried working with World Space emitter offsets but I’m already using a Sphere to spawn the Parent particles so it seems to have no effect. I don’t know why the same tactic doesn’t work on the trail either.

I was suggested to make an invisible particle to act as the parent, add the trail to that and then make a trail of the original intended particle and have it follow the invisible particle just like the actual trail so it’s inside. However this then results in only two particles spawning for all invisible particles and not actually inside the trail.

Really uncertain what I’m missing since it doesn’t seem too difficult as to what I’m trying to accomplish.

Thanks in advance