Particle Gravity?

I’ve been trying to make some blood-spit & sparkle effects for my team, but since my friend tune his attack movement through all angle, I don’t know how to create particle effects for 360 degree of attack…so I think I may be able to tune it using a gravity system, to separate it from the (initial) velocity of particle…but then here comes the question: What’s in particle system’s acceleration, is that it create acceleration effect for my particles, but does not create gravity system for the world. So how should I tune particle acceleration to fit for the world, and separate it from the particle’s velocity?

You would use velocity to deal with any of the initial “spit” part, and for gravity use acceleration. What matters is the space you’re doing it in, you have local or world space and the acceleration needs to be in world space, so make sure your system is set to use world space. So -z will always mean “down”.