Particle event to stop spawning not to kill

I made a particle system and it has somethings like ribbons and I don’t want the ribbons die when the bullet collides… I want them to just stop spawning… if I don’t choose kill and let it flow, it does weird things like when the bullet collides (Ribbon’s source), ribbon emitter creates a ribbon to the start location of the bullet from it’s collide location. Summary: is there a way to create an event for particle to stop spawning but not to kill

also, I don’t want to use deactivate from blueprint… because when I shoot 2 of them and first one collides while second one still lives, first one’s collide does stop the second one’s spawning aswell. I want to the this deactivation thing from the cascade… not blueprint

just set them to “kill on complete” in cascade. (in the required node, be sure to set kill on deactivate to off)
disable(de-activate) them trough blueprint.

but my partiicle system spawns another things after the collide/death of my bullet thing… so I need to stop spawning of an actual emitter in the cascade… only the ribbon should stop, others should continue spawning