Particle Emitter Rotation

Hi guys,

My problem is, how can i attach mesh emitter to socket on actor skeleton, in such a way, so it follow only socket location but not a rotation.
attach settings - : component - character mesh, socket - root, location/rotation - root location and location.
emitter settings -
video - 2015 11 17 15 01 01 - YouTube
original emitter mesh has initial rotation, which makes this thing spin,(turned off for demonstration) so when character rotates in same direction as emitter mesh, emitter spin faster and vice versa.


Can i suggest you to use Attach your emitter to your skeletal mesh as a child component? Get world/ local location of your socket, then attach your emitter, set that emitter to the same location.

how do i "Attach your emitter to your skeletal mesh as a child component? " ?

I guess you have multiple ways of doing this. But i can’t give you the one you are searching for. I’m not using particle system very often.

One thing you could do is, just creating a particle component on your Character and set the Rotation to 0,0,0.

Or you could, instead of attaching it, just set the location to the character ones (or create a dummy array component on your character that acts like a socket and use its location).

There are also things like “Ignore Base Rotation”, but i guess that’s something from the Character itself. You could also check if there are bools like “Use Absolute Rotation” in the Component or the Particle System.

One last way would be to compensate the rotation. So when you rotate, you just rotate the Particle Component in the other direction by the same amount.

Sadly i can’t find any other solution right now. I hope you find some stuff of this useful.

Seams like “spawn emitter attached” or any other bone related mesh attach methods, automatically follow rotation. I didn’t manage to achieve by any native(settings inside emitter himself) combinations of settings for “spawn emitter” only location following which would ignore socket/bone/scene component rotation.

For my purpose is enough to have only one, root, so i created empty scene component, added it to actor and set rotation method to relative, any attached emitters would follow location of this component but ignore rotation.

Can you please write some sort of request on this topic, for one more “spawn attached” attachment method, i think it would be great addition to the engine.