Particle Emission with different lighting

For example you have emitter or particle system with unlit materials and several levels where you use them. But levels have different lights intensity, problem is… on some levels particle doesn’t draw at all cause of high cd values (which is necessary for level design, but ruin particles). How to deal with this situations? Changing lighting channels doesn’t help, the only way i found is to create separate particle with separate materials with increased emissive color values, but it’s really sounds insane and anoying to make separate particle just for brightened levels. Maybe i can increase emitter materials brighness with parameter somehow in runtime (c++) or any other ways to deal with it? Cause particles are complex (they have multiple materials in use) Actually the best solution to make lighting doesn’t effect on particles, but mat’s already are unlit so i have no idea what else i can do. Tried to adjust exposure, didn’t help either.