Particle effect won't go away after being deleted and may becausing crashes

There is a particle effect that will not go away despite being deleted from the world. This particle I fear may also be the cause of the increased crashes I am getting. The crash I get is an overflow of memory according to the crash reports.

The particle is the big holo circle from the shooter game template.

Thank you for any answer you can provide.

Hey -

Can you provide the callstack and log files from the crash for additional information? Also, can you provide the setup where you’re creating/destroying the particle system? Please provide as much information as possible to help me reproduce the issue.

Why I fear duplication is because the number next to running out of memory continues to increase.

All that I had in my map were static meshes and a few bsps. I added the particle particle P_hologram from the base effects of shooter game then had it selected in the editor and then pressed the delete key to delete it. It was deleted from the world out liner and in the editor view port, but when you click play the particle remained. As time has gone on the editor crashes on saves and plays more frequently.

This is the crash report

Fatal error: [File:D:\BuildFarm\buildmachine_++UE4+Release-4.11\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\GenericPlatform\GenericPlatformMemory.cpp] [Line: 139]
Ran out of memory allocating 1398100 bytes with alignment 0

Thank you for the quick response, if you need more info from me then please inform me. I am sorry this is not as detailed as it could be but this problem came out of nowhere.

Were you using a C++ or a blueprint project? Was it based on a template or a blank map? Attempting to add the P_hologram asset to a new level in a ShooterGame project and then remove it did not cause my memory use to spike. If possible, please attach the log file from the crash. If you sent the crash report from the crash report window, please also provide your Machine ID to help locate your crash.

We were able to fix it. We cleared the map of all particles and reduced the quality in the editor. This seems to have alleviated the problem at the moment.

Thank you for your time and your assistance.