Particle effect on hidden mesh

In my game I have a retro-like effect for respawn protection, which is basically turning mesh visiblity on my character on and off with a timer. It looks good and all, but if a particle emitter is attaches at the point when the mesh is invisible, the particle system component does not attach( or just doesn’t get rendered even after the mesh becomes visible, I don’t know ).
I need to attach the particle system to the mesh, because it uses sockets from the mesh.
Is there any reason for not attaching the particle system? Is there any way to alter this function, or a workaround?

Did you check “Propagate to Children” when using “Set Visibility” or “Set Hidden In Game”? Maybe you should set visibility for the particle system manually.

Problem is, I hide the mesh first, then attach the particle system. And when I set the visibility to show, the particle system is not showing.
I’m using the “SetActorHiddenInGame” command in c++ for my character, it doesn’t have “propagate to children” parameter, and using the “SpawnEmitterAttached” to the particle effect in blueprint.

Instead of calling SetActorHiddenInGame, I called GetRootComponent()->SetVisibility, with propagate to children option true, and it worked!