Particle Effect on characters

Hello everyone. If im submitting this in the wrong forum then excuse me.
Im asking if anyone know the code to attach a particle effect onto a custom character. Thread on making custom character:

The game is Killing Floor which uses the Unreal Engine 2.

Characters are allowed to use particle effects via upl files but im not using upl files.
The code in the .upl would go as follow:

Using this same code in the custom character’s species class does not work (spews out errors).

I currently have everything done for this character and this is the final thing i need for a full release.

If this is not enough information then please, you may ask for a better clarification.

Im not a coder and KF is my first introduction to scripting for Unreal.

I believe you can attach particle emitters to bones/socket joints on the character, but this has to be done in-game in the form of a blueprint that spawns a particle and attaches it to the player. This is how I handled it in UE3. Maybe someone knows of a better implementation in UE4 than I do.

Not UE4, its in UE2.