Particle Effect like Explosions (Short live)


How do I make a particle effect that last only 1 time like the explosion from the starter pack, where the particle effect explosion deletes itself when it finish at least and max 1 time.

I tried to make one but it doesn’t stop the particle effect even after destroying the actor that its attached on (Spawn particle effect), it keeps repeating on where it’s spawned.

What i want to make is when the actor spawn (That has the particle effect function), the particle effect spawn 1 time then stop it when it’s finished like the explosion of the starter pack.

Example: 1 click = 1 explosion, 2 click = 2 explosion and so.

Thanks for the answer.

If you have an example particle effect that does what you want you can just check that particle system and see what settings are there.

Thanks for the reply,

I tried to look at the starter pack’s P_Explosion but i still can’t find how to desactive my particle effect that i created like the P_Explosion.

An example of the P_Explosion: I use my character’s blueprint (Spawn particle at location) to spawn the P_Explosion particle effect, when i spawn the P_Explosion, it only show 1 times but after that it stop showing more.

An example of my particle effect: I spawn the particle effect at my character’s blueprint and like the P_Explosion, my particle effect start to lose it’s visibility in 2 seconds after spawning it, but after that 2 or 3 second, it starts again, i mean it keeps repeating the particle effect.

What i want is to show just 1 times and not repeat and repeat, but i can’t find how to do it.

The Auto Destroy in Spawn Particle At Location doesn’t workt like what i expected, destroy after succeeding.

I put my particle effect on the level (Without spawning with blueprints) and it still repeat and i did it with the P_Explosion too and it only explode 1 times and does nothing after that.

EDIT: I know the edit was after some minutes (2 minutes), but believe it… i tried to google it after i got the idea of putting: How to make a particle effect show 1 time and got the answer after that. I did tried to google it before but maybe it wasn’t too important when i google it before (some weeks ago), so i thought it won’t help me even if i google it.

The solution is in Requied option (In the Emitter), loop 1 time.

Sorry for quoting you.