Particle effect Help

I want to create a particle effect that looks like the one attached but i cannot figure out how to create this. I want to have it so it will be moving like the ones in the tech demos. How can i create this? also could i have a link to the vector field creation for Maya?(i don’t have a perforce account)

I don’t have any experience with vector field driven particle systems yet but these links should help you out.

Hi Aeson,

The links that Mehmet has given are a good place to start as well as Patrick’s suggestion of the Example Content’s Effects map.

As far as a release of the Maya vector field software, it is being discussed currently in this thread:

According to Francois Antoine, this will be available in a future release of Rocket. I hope this has clarified any of your questions.

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You can access the sample scenes provided for a good start, they also include the vector fields.