Particle effect flickering (see GIF) when character is far away


I’m using an particle explosion for a game we’re developing. It plays fine in editor viewport, but when simulating the level it seems to flicker depending on how close that character is from it.

GIF #1 Flickers when simulating game

GIF#2 shows how dependant the flicker is on player distance and how the particle plays in editor viewport.

I’ve changed the bounds volume following some stuff I’ve read up on, which didn’t help (I think this is because I’m not turning away from the explosion). I also had a look into the LOD settings of the particle, but I do not think these are setup. I think there must be a player distance rendering option that I need to increase, does anyknow know where it would be?


GPU Particles need a Bounding Box.
Is your Bounding box setup correctly?

You can find it in the lower left of your last screenshot

Hi Raildex_

I think the bounding box is setup okay, I’ve followed a few other peoples advice and set min to -1000 and max to 10000 to cover the whole map (also tested with+/-90000. and other settings, see attached picture)

I’m looking for the explosion to cover the entire town like a nuke, but I’m still getting this issue with the current bounding box.

I’m more confused as it works fine in viewport, but as soon as I start simulating the level it flickers depending on how far / close I am away from it. I have scaled the particle system up to be 22 times bigger than its original state, but it still does it when the scale is set to 1 making me believe that’s not causing the issue.

In editor (desired result)

The result when simulating game, the close I get to the particles origin the less it flickers.

Is there any setting you would suggest putting the bounding box to as it needs to cover the map? Or even what else could be going wrong.

Thanks for the help.