Particle Effect Does Not Work on Mobile

Hello, I was working on my game and I added a particle effect (GPU_Particles_Attraction, content examples) and it works nice and all for other platforms but it doesn’t show up at all for Mobile. I noticed that part of it does show up, but the rest just isn’t visible. No material/texture issues or anything, just visibility.

Any ideas?

What?? That’s terrible X’( Thanks for your response though… I’m glad it’s coming soon, though.
And sorry to bother you like this, but if you’re good with particle effects, take a look at my other question with collision, it’s killing me!!

GPU particles aren’t fully implemented on Mobile yet.

Here is an official response from the forums:

Good news some support is coming very soon! :slight_smile:

Any news? It’s still not released.

Particle effects work on mobile devices however, they’re very expensive to use. I would suggest making sure to test out what particles you’re planning on using in order to ensure it won’t cause too much of a delay on the device.

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