Particle Draw Distance (Need to See all particle i spawned)

i have 1 cloud particle template, with unique thickness and size each. its still WIP.

i have a presets, when its rain, ill spawn 100 clouds. distribute it all over the world.
distribution of cloud is success, this is my result
Top View:

Front View:

but sadly, those cloud particle only shown up in some distance (not all of them are visible). if its far for player, it dissapears.
i dont even use cull volume. the level only contains simple mesh and skydome.

this is the perspective view:

The Cloud supposed to cover that black area until the end of horizon. but they gone in perspective view (game view)

Hi Sandiodm -

I would first make sure that your particle system has fixed bounds turned on and that they fit your particle distribution. If you are using a Mesh Type emitter make sure that your mesh’s LODs are not culling the mesh itself out of your world.

Let me know -

Eric Ketchum

hi eric.
thanks for your reply.
first, my fixed bounds are turned on.


and what i use is sprite particle.

any suggestion?

note : im not control the distribution by parameter in particle editor. i has 1 template, and spawned it 100 times in game. please tell if i do something wrong.

I think your bounds are too small. In the editor viewport try selecting Show->Advanced-> Bounds. The rendering will cull based on that sphere that shows up where the selected actor is. Based on the above image your bounds are only 400cm wide but are taking up much larger area in the world. Increase the bounds until they are as large as your system ever gets.

hi ryan.
i tried to set my fixed bound like this


and even changed it up to 3 millions. so it should be 30km, is that correct?
my land is only 10-12km. and the result is same as first try. only clouds that close to player is visible.

Hi -

Ryan beat me to my first thought, but if you are saying that the bounds did not fix your issue, then let me ask how many particles are each emitter producing, you can get that number in Cascade. Then, if I am understanding you, you are spawning 100 different emitters in a Blueprint, am I understanding you?


Eric Ketchum

I’m experiencing a similar issue. Regardless of the dimensions I use for the bounding box, the particles are still culled when I get farther away from its location in the world.

Yep, I have the same problem. This problem was not present prior to 4.12

you guys ever found a fix for this?

try increasing the LOD distance. worked in UE5