Particle Cutout Niagara

Hi there,

This is pretty straight forward but I’m trying to find how to do the Particle Cutout method that was in Cascade in Niagara if it is implemented.

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It’s in the sprite settings, but for me it seems like “Use Material Cutout Texture” doesn’t work, it works only when i put Texture to “Cutout Texture” slot

iirc “use material cutout” texture uses the material of the sprite as a cutout. (or the texture within it)

The material version not working can be due to other textures in that material, its a bit vague on that part. but tbh, I never use that one, and use a texture that gives me a specific cutout.

cutout texture can either be the texture of the sprite, but can be a texture of any arbitrary shape, which is what I tend to use. I have a few shape textures like circle, half circle, square, 8 sides circle, etc. and use that. they get cooked out when packaging the game anyways (learned that recently) BVC 4 vertices cuts it out in a way to have 4 sides. BVC eight > eight sides. opacity source: either uses overall brightness, or one of the RGBA channels. alpha threshold is just that, I’m generally content with 0.01 to 0.1,

if you have flipbook, you can use the flipbook textures alpha/red channel/or brightness generally.