Particle crahs

Hi when i try to modify something with particle from starter content in the editor the game crash. i have same problem with a clean project

can you help me please ?

Hello Iron, without any images, references, videos, explanations, or other information we cannot help you.
What did you do, step by step, preferable with images, if possible with an error log.

[link text][1]

for your answers if y try to change something here the editor close

i tried to reinstall but dosnt works
i have same probleme in clean project

thank you

I cannot find any warnings in your log, and I dont see anything weird in your particle system.
You might need to include your dxdiag and some other stuff… but ill refer this post to an epic dev. who might be able to help you further.

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Hi IronStan,

I was unable to reproduce your crash. There is quite a bit of narrowing down that needs to be done.

Based off the information you provided so far I put together a list of steps. If these steps don’t address the issue please provide a list of steps that reproduces the crash starting from a blank project with starter content.

Here are the steps:

  • Create a blank 4.12.5 project with starter content
  • Open the P_fire asset in the content browser
  • Adjust the Update Time FPS and Warmup Time

If you experience a crash please provide your machine ID. A window should pop up after you experience a crash so make sure you send that information to EPIC and copy the machine ID here.



hi my bug fixed i dont know really why but probably directx. because when i changed my resolution 3 screen form only one my pc crashed and said some thing about direct x. after this i dont have any probleme with particles. thank you for you time :wink:

Okay, I’m going to mark this post as resolved (Cannot Reproduce). Thank you for coming back.